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Their sex sessions are always adventurous and stimulating, as both can’t stand routine or boredom

Their sex sessions are always adventurous and stimulating, as both can’t stand routine or boredom

Aries & Sagittarius – primitive

The best match for Aries would be Sagittarius. Their match-up is known to be very primal in nature, having a dramatic and almost maddeningly passionate experience.

Scorpio & Scorpio – powerful and intense

The only worthy match of a sexual partner for a Scorpio is another Scorpio. Think of the darkest depths passion can have…a Scorpio couple will take it further. When they come together it is a storm of devotion and ecstasy which leads to powerful sexual chemistry. Think of the smutty and sultry vampire books, full of undying passion and dark erotic fantasies.

Capricorn & Virgo – fiery and wild

These earth signs match in energy as they will only fully submerge in sex when they are with a worthy partner, but when they do it is unleashing, and both give all their energy to pleasing the other. When these two find one another and put down their shields, fireworks of passion will be exploding all night long.

Pisces & Cancer – deep connection

As lovers, they are both extremely dedicated to a deep connection and pleasing the other. Pisces are in tune with their most carnal fantasies while Cancer loves the divine natural aspects of lovemaking, taking vgl dating site this pair to such a primitive level emotionally and physically. They will have a hard time coming out of their own sensual world.

Gemini & Leo – ecstasy and cerebral

As they both crave a mental connection, these two have a cerebral understanding that will scorch the bedroom. A Leo will know exactly what to say to ignite a fire in a Gemini and a Gemini, being extremely seductive, will artfully voice all the motivation and flattery a Leo needs to put on the show of a lifetime. These signs are very hardworking lovers when they have the attention of the other which leads to a powerful explosion of sexual expression.

Aquarius & Libra – flirtatious and experimental

Two air signs pairing up for a sexual escapade is ideal, if not the perfect match. This partnership will be eccentric, experimental, and elegantly executed between the tasteful expressive style of a Libra and the innovative Aquarius. They will never have a sex rut and will always be anticipating a new and sexy surprise at every encounter.

Taurus & Virgo – intertwined foreplay

Slow and steady will win the race, as these two are a slow burn match. They will lay a foundation first with plenty of foreplay and heated conversations to decide what they want to do. Once they warm up to each other, that burning desire between them is reinforced by all the time they spent preparing and the sexual energy will reach so deeply and completely. This pair will be seamlessly intertwined in bed and stop only when they are both thoroughly satisfied.

To find your astrological compatibility, you will need to know your partner’s birthday and know your sun sign. To find your best match for astrological compatibility whether it be sexual or relationship wise, you will want to know you and your partner’s full astrological chart. To do that, you will need to know the time of your birth and your partner’s time of birth and city of birth. Then you can get your full relationship compatibility. There are many apps and websites out there that can calculate that for you. Have fun and don’t worry too much if you don’t see your signs as being the best match, if the sexual chemistry is there, that’s all that really matters!

Turn-ons: “Leo’s like to be admired, so position yourselves standing in front of a mirror so that you can both sneak a peek and play the role of both exhibitionists and voyeurs,” says Dr. Jess.

Turn-offs: Don’t contain your reactions or how you feel. Acting reserved will be like taking a cold shower for them.

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